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in S-LEC™ PVB Interlayer


Discover PVB Interlayer solutions for glass lamination in the architecture industry.


Achieve optimum automotive acoustic performance by blocking external noise, contributing to the comfort of electric and engine vehicles.


Discover PVB Interlayer solutions for the automotive industry.

SEKISUI S-LEC Glass Design

We would like to find the best design with you together through PVB interlayer film for laminated glass.

Automotive Glass Design

Exterior is one of the first things consumers see. S-LEC™ film provides a variety in colour and gradient designs.

Benefits of S-LEC™ Solar Control Film

Achieves optimum solar control performance for various glass combinations, contributing to comfort and energy saving for electric vehicles.

Solar Control Performance for Automotive Glass

We offer a wide lineup of solar control performance in combinations with other functionalities.

Protect from photoaging

S-LEC™ Solar Control film blocks NIR rays and protects the skin from photoaging.

SEKISUI S-LEC Renewable energy sources for 100% of electricity purchased

Resin Plant in Europe commences procurement of electricity derived 100% from renewable energy sources.

SEKISUI S-LEC Rebranding

We have rebranded PVB Interlayer Film business.

What is PVB Interlayer?

PVB Interlayer for laminated glass is a film consisted of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) as the main raw material.


We are challenging every day with our partners worldwide.


We offer various PVB interlayer performances.

About us

We are a world-leading PVB interlayer film manufacturer for laminated glass.