Technology that provides trust

S-LEC™ Film is applied to many uses globally, including buildings and automobiles, thanks to its quality and unique technology. S-LEC™ Film properties are the basis for all of our high-performance PVB films. We achieve invisible strength in all of our products through the following superiorities:

  • Safety – Shatterproof, absorb impact, and prevent penetration.
  • Security – Resist the force from a hammer or glass cutter.
  • UV Blocking – block out 99% of ultraviolet rays.

Adhesive Strength Control

To ensure the safety of laminated products, SEKISUI S-LEC has developed the capability to adjust the amount of adhesion between glass and PVB film. By controlling this reaction, our customers can consistently deliver the optimal products to the marketplace.

Multi-Layer Extrusion

This co-extrusion technology simultaneously extrudes several layers to produce a multi-layer S-LEC™ film. This technology has enabled SEKISUI S-LEC to produce interlayer films with many new functions, including Wide Gradient Colour and Sound Acoustic.

Fine-Particle Dispersion

Fine particles with various functions are mixed into resins used in interlayer films. This technology is vital for interlayer films to improve functions like S-LEC™ Solar Control Film and to ensure uniform qualities.

Wedge Angle Control

Different windshields require different angles of glass for Head-up Display(HUD), which is why we use a wedge-shaped film. The angle of this wedge can be controlled, ensuring that drivers can enjoy the benefits of our film with clear vision.

See our technology in action


Leave discomfort at the curb. S-LEC™ Solar Control Film with fine particle dispersion technologies enables comfortable and efficient vehicle designs for passengers.


S-LEC™ films are available in an array of design selections to fit the needs and purposes of architecture and automotive.

Head-up Display

S-LEC™ Wedge-shaped Film enables highly focussed, visibly clear HUD images for a seamless driving experience.


S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film reduces the transmission of exterior noises for the highest level of luxury and comfort on the market.