PVB Interlayer Technology for Laminated Glass

S-LEC™ Film, PVB interlayer for laminated glass, is applied to many uses globally, including buildings and automobiles, thanks to its quality and unique technology. S-LEC™ Film properties are the basis for our high-performance PVB films. We achieve invisible strength in all of our products through the following superiorities:

  • Safety – Shatterproof, absorb impact, and prevent penetration.
  • Security – Resist the force from a hammer or glass cutter.
  • UV Blocking – block out 99% of ultraviolet rays.

PVB Interlayer Brochures

Explore the variety of high performance PVB interlayer film for automotive and architecture glass.

S-LEC™ film provides a wide variety of solutions like safety, security, UV blocking, Sound acoustic, Solar control and Design.

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Wedge Angle Control

Different windshields require different angles of glass for Head-up Display(HUD), which is why we use a wedge-shaped film.

For example, different vehicle body types require different wedge angles, and S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film can customize the wedge angle according to the windshield mounting angle and design, enabling clear images to be displayed on various body types.

The angle of this wedge can be controlled, ensuring that drivers can enjoy the benefits of our film with clear vision.

Fine-Particle Dispersion

By dispersing functional fine particles uniformly in PVB interlayer films, various functions and designs can be expressed. This technology contributes to the high functionality and design of PVB interlayer films.

With multiple coloured fine particles, S-LEC™ Colour Film controls the colour and transmittance of the interlayer film. Dispersing infrared-blocking particles in PVB interlayer film will result in an S-LEC™ Solar Control Film, allowing visible light to pass through but blocking near-infrared rays. SEKISUI S-LEC can combine these dispersion technologies into one PVB interlayer film.

Multi-Layer Extrusion

This co-extrusion technology simultaneously extrudes several layers to produce a multi-layer S-LEC™ film. This technology has enabled SEKISUI S-LEC to make PVB interlayer films with many new functions, including sound acoustic and wide gradient colour.

S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film is made up of three layers, with the central layer improving the sound insulation performance of laminated glass; this technology is also used in the SV grade in S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film, which enhances the damping performance. S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film is achieved by simultaneously extruding a coloured layer with continuously varying transmittance within the PVB interlayer.

Adhesive Strength Control

Adhesive Strength Control is an essential technology for ensuring the safety of laminated glass.

Laminated glass has shatter-proof performance by controlling the optimum adhesive strength according to the laminated glass specification and lamination process, and its high penetration resistance contributes to the safety and security of vehicles and buildings.

By controlling the adhesive strength on our PVB interlayers, we contribute to the quality stability of laminated glass.

PVB Interlayer Thickness Control

S-LEC™ PVB Interlayer Film has a standard thickness of 0.76mm. This has been decided in the industry to meet the demands for safety and security when an accident occurs where the glass might break.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding thicknesses in combination with other functions.

Combination of Technologies

S-LEC™ film combines these technologies to provide all kinds of new functions and designs, contributing to solving social issues through PVB interlayer films for laminated glass.

For example, the combination of these technologies – adhesive strength control for safety in laminated glass, fine-particle dispersion for solar control, multi-layer extrusion for sound acoustic, thickness control and wedge angle control – makes it possible to provide S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with sound acoustic and solar control functions. In addition to the clear images required for Head-Up Displays, it also provides a quieter cabin and blocks infrared rays from the sun’s rays, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and electricity costs.

Solution from SEKISUI S-LEC Technologies

SEKISUI S-LEC offers a wide variety of solutions for automotive and architectural market.

  • Design
  • Solar Control
  • Sound Acoustic
  • Premium UV Blocking
Design Design

S-LEC™ films are currently available in a wide range of standard colours and custom colour options with multiple Tvis (Visible Light Transmittance) to optimize various glass combinations according to a vehicle’s concept.

In addition, our line-up also consists of wide gradient colour that transitions from 2% to >70% Tvis(Visible Light Transmittance). By adapting to a windshield or rear window, it creates a feeling of openness and beauty through smooth gradation, providing an advanced design for automotive glass.

Solar Solar

Laminated glass with S-LEC™ Solar Control Film blocks infrared and UV (ultraviolet) rays but allows visible light rays for optical clarity without blocking the electromagnetic transmissions necessary for mobile phone and sensor communication. Solar absorbing glass realized by S-LEC™ Solar Control Film protects people because the cabin space stays cooler, so your skin does not burn.

Experience a comfortable, efficient, connected, and safe environment.

Sound Sound

S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film can be used to block outside noise from the outside world such as traffic, wind, and other disturbing sounds to tune out distractions for people to create a peaceful, quiet experience. 

You can combine acoustic quality with other functions or designs, such as solar protection or privacy colours, by incorporating soundproof film and other technologies into the laminated glass.

Premium UV Blocking Premium UV Blocking

There is an increasing demand for glass that can protect against UV due to the many health and beauty concerns of exposure to sunlight. These concerns can span from young adults worrying about premature ageing from sun exposure to parents wishing to protect young children with vulnerable skin facing a higher risk of sunburn.

Laminated glass with S-LEC™ Premium UV Blocking Film protects the skin for those who need UV protection to reduce health risks.