Switchable roof glass

What is switchable roof glass?

Switchable glass is a type of glass that changes from transparent to opaque or translucent through electricity or other means of light control. There are various types of switchable glass technologies, including electrical and liquid crystal. SPD, EC, and PDLC types are known and adopted according to the application and vehicle concept.

Switchable glass can switch between transparent and opaque at any time, providing passengers with comfort and a driving experience by freely controlling the sunlight entering the vehicle. In recent years, switchable roof glass has spread rapidly.

SEKISUI S-LEC offers optimal design solutions for each switchable roof glass.

SPD and EC type in natural colour

SPD (Suspended Particle Device) is a switchable device that disperses microscopic light-absorbing particles in droplets within a film, and EC (Electrochromic) type uses electrochromic material that switches colour electrically. Both types can switch between transparent and low transmittance.

Typically, both SPD and EC types have a blue-tinted. When laminated with S-LEC™ Bronze Colour with SPD or EC types, the glass cancels blue-tinted, creating a more natural colour to the overall glass. The original interior design can be remained by bringing more neutral sunlight into the vehicle.

PDLC type to your favorite grey

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) is a material in which liquid crystal molecules are dispersed within a polymer matrix. The liquid crystal molecules are encapsulated within the switchable film, and the film becomes transparent from its hazy appearance when voltage is applied.

PDLC film is generally whitish and must be laminated with grey PVB interlayers to get the preferred roof glass. S-LEC™ Dark Colours are available in over 25 colour grades, consisting of three grey colours and numerous types of Tvis (visible light transmittance). You can create your preferred switchable roof glass by selecting the required colour grade according to the car’s concept and the glass’s required characteristics.

In addition, S-LEC™ Dark Colours has low haze performance, creating an open space with excellent design characteristics on the roof glass.

Optimal design for switchable roof glass

S-LEC™ Dark Color for laminated glass offers a wide range of colour variations in both the 0.76 mm thickness commonly used for automotive glass and the 0.38 mm thickness required in roof system optimization for the superior design for automotive roof glass.

We can offer customized colours to meet individual customers’ demand for vehicle concepts with the expertise of colour matching.

Colour Glass Collection

SEKISUI S-LEC offers a wide range of privacy colour variations. Please look at our colour designs that expand the possibilities and options for designers and engineers.

See S-LEC™ Dark Colour through our Colour Glass Collection, and consider incorporating S-LEC™ film into your dimmable roof glass.