Privacy Glass Design
The expressive power of colour

What is privacy glass?

By reducing the transmission of visible light, privacy glass ensures privacy by blocking the view from the outside into the vehicle and conceals items left in the vehicle to be seen as anti-theft protection.

Privacy glass reduces glare from outside light, cuts ultraviolet rays and, by blocking the hot sun, reduces the temperature rise inside the vehicle, improving interior comfort and preventing immense air-conditioning power consumption.

Compared to monolithic privacy glass, laminated glass with S-LEC™ acoustic interlayer provides improved sound insulation for rear passengers, creating a luxurious interior space that offers privacy and comfort.

Research in privacy glass

Privacy glass is becoming almost a standard option or package for cars being released today. A wide variety of privacy glasses are on the market, with tints varying slightly depending on the glass manufacturer and grade. The glass thickness can also influence the transmittance rate. In theory, the thicker the glass, the darker the colour; the thinner the glass, the lighter the colour of the privacy glass would appear.

It is not uncommon for the privacy glass used in one vehicle to be supplied by different glass manufacturers, depending on the rear door glass, rear quarter glass and rear glass.

When privacy glass of different types and thicknesses are placed next to each other, different colour gradients and unnatural colour matching can occur when viewing the outside scenery from inside the vehicle.

Privacy Glass Design

Various types of privacy glass exist in the world. Depending on the concept and design of the vehicle, laminated or monolithic tempered glass may be used in combination in one vehicle. For example, a rear side window might use laminated privacy glass with the grey type of S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film, while the rear quarter glass remains monolithic tempered glass.

SEKISUI S-LEC offers a wide range of solutions in four different grey colour ranges, the 70xx, 79xx, 80xx and 82xx series, that can be matched with different glass types and thicknesses from different glass manufacturers in the adjacent rear door glass, rear quarter glass and rear glass. By selecting the most suitable privacy grey colour to match the glass, a uniform colour can be achieved along the windows in the rear of the vehicle.

While protecting privacy, the low haze ensures a clear view. Combining the colour with a sound acoustic function can drastically improve the sound insulation to create a quiet and luxurious interior space.

Colour Glass Collection

At SEKISUI S-LEC, we offer a wide range of privacy colour variations.

Request our colour glass collection if you’d like to have physical samples with a variation of our different privacy and explore the possibilities and options of automotive privacy glazing with S-LEC™ PVB Interlayer Film for designers and engineers alike.