S-LEC™ Film Developmental History

S-LEC™ PVB interlayer film for laminated glass was launched in 1958. Since that it deliveres performances like safety, security and UV blocking and realized to add Sound, Solar, Design and Head-up Display(HUD) funtions on it.

Open Innovation

SEKISUI S-LEC succeeds to lead for more than 60 years on its technical field by continously working on innovation. To integrate latest innovation in S-LEC™ PVB interlayer film for laminated glass we are challenging every day with our partners worldwide. Through open innovation SEKISUI S-LEC can provide additional unique values with our partners to the world.

Global Research

To incorporate the world’s most advanced technologies, we established our research centers all over the world. With offices in the United States, Europe, China, and Japan, we are able to work on latest innovation activities by collaboration with partners globally.

Challenging the Future

SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has set its vision statement as “Innovation for the Earth” for 2030 which embodies the strong desire to support life infrastructure and create “peace of mind that continues into the future” toward the realization of a sustainable society by continuing to generate innovation. We will challenge to realize our vision with our global bases and partners.