Design of architectural glass that pursues the potential of colored glass and gradation glass
Design that speaks to me

Trends in Architecture

The glass facade of the white building using PVB interlayer for architectural glass applications

Trends in architectural glass design are rapidly evolving, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency, safety, and aesthetics. Thanks to innovations in PVB interlayer technology, laminated glass is at the forefront of these developments.

Creative Minds by SEKISUI S-LEC also explores possibilities with colour and gradient laminated glass, ushering in a new era of visually appealing architectural design.

Design in architectural glass

Building with S-LEC™ Film working on a wide range of design solutions

Design is an all-important component of glazing.

S-LEC™ PVB interlayer film for laminated glass is available in various colours and gradations, offering more creative freedom while maintaining S-LEC™ performance for a wide range of glass shapes and applications on decorative laminated glass.

Experience coloured laminated glass with our innovative architectural glass solutions. Our solutions open new dimensions in architectural aesthetics, enabling you to create striking, unique, and visually captivating spaces that genuinely stand out. Elevate your architectural vision with SEKISUI S-LEC’s solutions for decorative laminated glass.

Cielora™, opaque to clear with a natural gradient PVB interlayer

Balcony with Cielora™, Milky White Gradatient PVB interlayer

Cielora™ is a PVB interlayer film that runs from fully opaque glass (privacy glass) white to fully transparent glass The white gradient is invisible to the naked eye, allowing it to be applied to high-quality designs with natural colour gradation endless creativity.

Cielora™ has many applications anywhere where glass panels are part of the exterior or interior design. Examples of applications include:

  • Glass balcony
  • Façade glass
  • Glass partition walls or partitions in public buildings
  • Glass doors

Use cases

Aeon Lake Town Outlet, Saitama, Japan
S-LEC™ Colour Film offers a wide range of applications. It is most visible in commercial buildings and skyscrapers, convenience stores, restaurants, and even public facilities including schools.


Our solutions for architectural laminated glass

Technology peace that realizes a glass solution that combines functions and aesthetics

S-LEC™ PVB interlayer Film for laminated glass can combine solar control, colour options, UV blocking, enhanced safety and acoustic glass performance in one film. This innovation optimizes energy efficiency and adds a splash of customized aesthetics. Moreover, it provides peace of mind through robust safety features and noise reduction capabilities to create multifunctional architectural glass solutions.

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