Gradient Design

New Automotive Glass Design

Many car manufacturers and EV startups are introducing a concept where the glazing looks like one large window rather than separated glazing parts. It’s designed to appear as one extended piece of glass that runs from the windshield through the roof to the rear window. This design also allows for more sunshine to enter the car and connects the occupants more with their surroundings.

Using regular automotive glass in such glass designs requires countermeasures against the sun’s rays entering the car’s interior. In addition, because roof glass is generally grey privacy glass with low visible light transmittance, the connection with the high transmittance glass used on the windshield looks like a line divider, which may detract from the otherwise sophisticated glass design.

S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film

SEKISUI S-LEC offers S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film as an automotive glass design. It is a gradation PVB interlayer for laminated glass with a beautiful gradation that has a grey colour with low transmittance in the roof area and becomes transparent in the driver’s or passenger’s line of sight.

S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film provides an accent that changes the car’s overall image. It plays an essential role in creating an aesthetical exterior from the outside of the vehicle and a calm environment for the driver and passengers inside. It also provides a privacy effect and protection from the sunlight.

Design Creation

Once a design has been created for the car windows, it is crucial to visualize the design glass in the vehicle concept. Our VR tool supports visualizing the image of equipping a car with S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film to see how it looks to adopt different gradient designs to the glazing.

Wide Gradient Glass


In addition to enhancing the design, S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film protects the driver’s eyes from the sunlight entering the top of the windshield by adjusting the light transmittance.

S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film has a lineup of multiple types of designs with different gradation widths and visible light transmittance of the colour portion. The appropriate combination of products can be selected according to the desired design. Customization of film design is also possible based on inquiry.

Rear Window

S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film provides advanced design for the rear glass window.

Continuous gradation is also possible from the windshield to the roof and rear glass. The gradation from front to back gives the car a futuristic image.

Colour Matching

Harmonizing colour is essential when combining multiple glazed areas in a vehicle. The same colour grade on S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film and S-LEC™ Colour Film can be used to unify the design of the windshield, roof, and rear glass window.

Customized designs are also available through the joint development of automotive glass. Please get in touch with us about the glass colour appearance and design you seek.

Automotive Glass Design

The automotive exterior is one of the first things consumers see. Out of the exterior, almost 30% is covered by glass, and the market trend shows that this number is increasing.

Glass in the automotive industry becomes one of the very important items which affects the entire design. S-LEC™ PVB interlayer film for laminated glass provides a variety of colours and gradients which support harmonisation of the entire car exterior and interior design.

Design Laminated Glass

Colour Glass Collection

SEKISUI S-LEC offers a wide range of colours and gradient designs in PVB interlayer film. The advantage is the pure and natural appearance of the hues, which you can explore through our colour glass collection.

Combination with Gradient Design

We offer the following combinations of multiple functions into one film:

  • Sound Acoustic
  • Solar Control
Sound Acoustic Sound Acoustic

S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film can block outside noise from the outside world, such as traffic, wind, and other disturbing sounds to tune out distractions for people to create a peaceful, quiet experience. 

You can combine acoustic quality with other functions or designs, such as solar protection or privacy colours, by incorporating soundproof film and other technologies into laminated glass.

Solar Control Solar Control

Laminated glass with S-LEC™ Solar Control Film blocks infrared and UV (ultraviolet) rays but allows visible light rays for optical clarity without blocking the electromagnetic transmissions necessary for mobile phone and sensor communication. Solar absorbing glass realized by S-LEC™ Solar Control Film protects people because the cabin or space stays cooler, and your skin does not burn.

Experience a comfortable, efficient, connected, and safe environment.