Solutions for Head-Up Displays
by the Solar Control Function

S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film for Head-Up Display

A head-up display (HUD) is a safe driving system that projects information on the windshield in front of the driver’s seat, such as driving speed, lane and navigation, and other important driving information. HUDs are increasingly adopted to enhance safety in driving situations requiring instantaneous decisions and to reduce fatigue by reducing the driver’s eye movement.

With a standard windshield, the problem occurs when the HUD image appears as a double image due to light refraction, which reduces visibility. To project images clearly, it is necessary to control the refraction of light precisely.

S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film controls the refraction of light with high precision by forming the interlayer into a wedge shape to display the image projected from the HUD unit onto the windshield.


Combination with solar control function

We offer a combination of S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film and solar control function.

S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with solar control function blocks infrared and ultraviolet (UV) rays while allowing visible light to pass through for clear vision. That keeps the interior cool and protects the driver and passengers from the sun’s lights.

S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with solar control function provides a clear HUD projection image for a safe and comfortable driving environment.

Solutions for Head-Up Displays

Protect the HUD unit from the sunlight

A HUD unit consists of a light projector, concave and reflective mirrors, and a transparent plate called a glare trap, all designed to fit inside the car’s dashboard.

The HUD unit is exposed to loads of sunlight. In recent years, augmented reality head-up displays (AR-HUD) that project large screens have attracted attention. The HUD unit is getting bigger to project more information over a wider area, and there is concern about damage to the HUD unit due to heat collection from sunlight.

S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with solar control function reduce the effect of sunlight and the load on the HUD unit. Laboratory tests conducted by SEKISUI S-LEC and its partners have confirmed that S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with solar control function reduces the temperature rise on TFT in the HUD unit by 7°C compared to a standard windshield.

Solar control function without metal coating

When projecting HUD images onto metal coating glass, the HUD projected image may appear blurred due to light reflection from the coating layer, or the metal coating may impede radio transmission.

S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with solar control function blocks infrared rays from sunlight as a heat source by dispersing IR cut particles in the PVB interlayer, does not affect the projected image of the HUD, resulting in a clear image. In addition, S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with solar control function does not block radio waves and allows radio wave transmission in most frequency bands. Drivers and passengers can comfortably use mobile phone calls and devices such as ETC in the car without compromising the communication environment.

The solution by SEKISUI S-LEC achieves a clear HUD projection image and comfortable driving without radio wave shielding.

Thermal Comfort

A vehicle test comparing general glass and S-LEC™ Solar Control Film in the same car has confirmed that S-LEC™ Solar Control Film lowers the temperature by a maximum of 7°C.

S-LEC™ Solar Control Film efficiently cuts heat at 1550nm wavelengths of the spectrum where the human skin is most sensitive to heat. In a survey comparing the thermal comfort of standard laminated glass and S-LEC™ Solar Control Film, 94% of respondents said that the heat reduction can be noticed significantly.

S-LEC™ Wedge Shaped Film with solar control function reduces temperature increase caused by sunlight and keeps the inside of the vehicle more comfortable regardless of the heat outside.

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