SEKISUI S-LEC Glass Design

About 30% of the exterior of a car consists of glass. The exterior design of a car is the part that gives consumers their first impression of the vehicle, which is why automotive glass is also important to consider for car design.

In car design today,  the design greatly influences how the car is segmented. High-end or luxury vehicles will often have options for materials that create added value, such as functional and sophisticated design, that evokes a comfortable and high-end feeling surrounding the interior.

S-LEC™ PVB Interlayer for laminated glass provides design solutions that bring harmony not only to the exterior but also to the interior of a vehicle with solutions such as colour and gradation.


At SEKISUI S-LEC we collaborate on a daily basis with our design, engineering and marketing teams to discuss the user’s persona, behavior, orientation and values. We believe that this repeatable process of observation and ideation of concepts can generate a deeper understanding of future glass design and creativity.

Using this design thinking process, we work to provide solutions for fundamental problems of designers and end-users to create value to positively impact user experience.

Design development is a conversation with the consumer; an intuitive message that makes an emotional, visual connection. We observe the world of design together with you to create any design which the market wants to have with our PVB interlayer for laminated glass.


We believe that once a design has been created for the car windows, it is important to visualize the design glass in the vehicle concept. Our VR tool supports visualizing the image of equipping a car with our S-LEC™ Colour Film to see how it looks like to adopt different colour interlayers to the glazing.

In addition, you can experience how colour is influenced by light during day and nighttime and different weather conditions. In addition, you can change the exterior paint colour of the car to see how this influences the look and feel of the coloured windows.

Colour Laminated Glass

Colour Glass Collection

SEKISUI S-LEC offers a wide range of colours in PVB interlayer film. The advantage is the pure and natural appearance of the hues, which you can explore through three folded design collection (LIGHT, DARK, GRADIENT COLOURS) with actual laminated glass samples.

Light Colour

Soft light colours that slightly change the atmosphere of the car. When designing, experience the joy of colour while providing a clearer view for drivers and passengers.  Light colours can change the impression of a car to create a pleasant, gentle design. We have a wide range of colours available that can be selected according to the image or design intention.

  • Neutral Grey
  • Pure Blue
  • Glass Green
Neutral Grey

Green glass is usually used for automotive glass. Therefore, when you look at the car from the outside, the inside of the car looks greenish.

In luxurious and high-end cars there is often a specific intention from the designer for details used in the interior of the car, from the texture to the colours used. Green glass can change the appearance and the actual colours of the interior may look different from the original intention of the designer. Neutral grey has been developed to show the texture, colour, and atmosphere of the interior as intended by the designer.

Pure Blue

Advanced automotive glass design with the Pure Blue Series.

Blue is a colour that is often associated with images of intelligence and tranquility. It is often intuitively associated with natural elements, such as water and the sky, and is a suitable colour for tinted car windows that want to express an environmentally friendly image. With more and more cars nowadays using eco-fuels such as electricity and hydrogen, it adds this clean and futuristic feel to the design of the car.

Glass Green

S-LEC™ film also enhances classical designs that have been loved for many years. For example, when the goal is to reduce weight without compromising the traditional atmosphere of a car’s design. By combining S-LEC™ light green PVB interlayer and chemically strengthened thin clear glass with high transparency, a colour match with the green glass can be achieved.
S-LEC™ film supports the design freedom of automotive glass.

Dark Colour

Dark colours can especially be used for privacy glass or tinted windows for cars. These colours help to block out light and heat from outside. They support the private driving experience. SEKISUI S-LEC has a broad lineup of expressive privacy colours with various visible light transmittances that can be selected according to the intended design.

  • Panoramic Roof
  • Grey Privacy
  • Bronze Privacy
Panoramic Roof

S-LEC™ Colour PVB interlayers in dark colours offer solutions ranging from 35% to 2% visible light transmission. In addition to reducing glare, the PVB interlayer cuts ultraviolet (UV) rays and can be further enhanced with the solar control function that can cut infrared rays to prevent dramatic temperature increase inside the vehicle on sunny days.

Another major advantage is the ability to increase the power efficiency of electric vehicles, which are becoming more and more in demand.

Grey Privacy

Privacy glass is widely demanded by consumers around the world for its ability to add a sense of luxury to the glass while protecting the privacy of vehicle interiors.

Our Dark Colours come in a wide range of colours and transmittance, including functions such as sound insulation.

Bronze Privacy

Bronze privacy is an alternative view to the common option of grey privacy glass for more design freedom.

The subdued, deep bronze colour has a gentle hue to give a more natural appearance of the environment. In addition, the calm, deep tinted glass enhances the overall atmosphere of the car and creates a sense of design unity.


S-LEC™ Gradient Films have a natural colour change from privacy to transparent glass and provides an accent that changes the overall image of the car. In addition to design, it also plays an important role in protecting drivers and passengers from the glaring sunlight.

  • Windshield
  • Rear Window
  • Colour Matching

In addition to enhancing the design, S-LEC™ wide gradation film protects the driver’s eyes from the sun reflecting on the top of the windshield by adjusting the light transmittance.

S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film has a lineup of multiple types of designs with different gradation widths and visible light transmittance of the colour portion. The appropriate combination of products can be selected according to the desired design. Customization of design is also possible based on inquiry.

Rear Window

S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film provides advanced design for the rear glass window.

Continuous gradation is also possible using from the windshield to the roof and rear glass. The gradation from front to back gives the car a futuristic image.

Colour Matching

Harmonizing colour is important when combining multiple glazed areas in a vehicle. The same colour grade on S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Film and S-LEC™ Colour Film can be used to unify the design of the windshield, roof, and rear glass window.

Customized designs are also available through the joint development of automotive glass. Please contact us about the glass colour appearance and design you seek.