SEKISUI S-LEC Glass Design

Design development is a conversation with the consumer; an intuitive message that makes an emotional, visual connection.
We would like to observe the world of design with you together to find the best meets and create any colour which the market wants to have through PVB interlayer film for laminated glass.


To create an alignment between our design, engineering and marketing teams we experienced the need for painting a rich picture of consumers, detailing their behaviors, ambitions and values.
We believe that a repeatable process of observation, distillation and ideation, creates a deeper understanding of our end user.


Design is far more than a plan.
We believe that once a design is created it is important to evaluate the idea in a total concept.
SEKISUI S-LEC VR tool supports visualizing the big picture to create a total alignment for your entire project.

Colour Glass Collection

SEKISUI S-LEC offers a wide range of colours in PVB interlayer film. The advantage is the pure and natural appearance of the hues, which you can explore through three folded design collection (LIGHT, DARK, GRADIENT COLOURS) with actual laminated glass samples.

Automotive Brochures

S-LEC™ film offers a wide variety of solutions. Please download brochures from here.