March 07, 2022


Rebranding of SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s Interlayer Film Business

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (President and Representative Director: Keita Kato; hereinafter, “SEKISUI”)’s High Performance Plastics Company (President: Ikusuke Shimizu) has rebranded its PVB Interlayer Film business.

Background of Rebranding

SEKISUI develops, produces, and sells PVB Interlayer Films for laminated glass while using its advanced technical expertise, innovation, and valuing a cooperative relationship with its customers and it has been playing a leading role in the PVB Interlayer Film industry for more than sixty years. It will make continuous efforts to provide added new values on the PVB Interlayer Films for laminated glass and has rebranded its High Performance Plastics Company’s Interlayer Film business unit to reflect the intention to “contribute to society and the environment through its products, and to help build a better future,” with an awareness of the importance of its “connection” not only with its customers, but also with the society beyond them.

What SEKISUI aims for

SEKISUI has been making efforts to create safe and comfortable places in society and contributed to helping people build a pleasant relationship in these places. The company hopes that it will further deepen the connections with people, society, the environment, technology, and other areas which surround us. It will aim to create businesses that will make a better future by valuing the awareness of creating and deepening those “connections.”

Brand identity / Action slogan and brand statement

SEKISUI has made up the action slogan “Make the NEW” to express the challenging and creative attitude of all members involved in the PVB interlayer film business. This slogan declares to create various “NEW” which will be generated from their action of making more connections with people and everything.

Brand logo

To express the “connection” we design the new logo with a flat and neutral typeface. The symbolic line represents the PVB Interlayer Film. And by placing it in the “E” which has the highest number of strokes of all the letters of “S-LEC” should show the attitude that the business unit will support all kinds of relationship with people, the environment, society and any other things from every aspects. Intentionally the line is drawn diagonally to the right to illustrate the brand’s growth.