Cielora™, opaque to clear with a natural gradient PVB interlayer
Attaining beauty through gradation

Cielora™, opaque to clear with a natural gradient PVB interlayer

Cielora™ that creates a gradation that flows from milky to transparent

Creative solutions in glass windows, walls and partitions for privacy, safety, and aesthetics.

Architects and interior designers always look to balance aesthetics with function. That particularly applies to glass as it is very versatile in architectural use. They critically source, test, calculate and choose the best materials with project developers, glass manufacturers, and contractors. The applications used should meet many requirements, such as being easy to work with, appealing to the end-user’s taste, and providing safety in buildings.

With this, in hindsight, SEKISUI S-LEC created an innovative solution for decorative glass windows, partitions, facades, balconies, etc., and other applications offering a high-quality application with multiple benefits: Cielora™.

Cielora™ features

Cielora™, white gradient PVB interlayer for laminated glass that features privacy and transparency

Cielora™ is a 0.76 mm thick PVB interlayer film for glass panes with the same properties as other S-LEC™ Films for safety glass:

  • Safety – Shatterproof, absorb impact, and prevent penetration.
  • Security – Resist the force from a hammer or glass cutter.
  • UV Blocking – Block out 99% of ultraviolet rays.
  • Letting through natural light, keeping optimal transparency in the transparent zone.

The added unique feature of Cielora™ is its extended all-natural gradient from clear to translucent glass to an opaque frosted look, offering a creative way to combine privacy and transparency in a tailored application in laminated glass.

What makes Cielora™ white gradient glass unique?

Cielora™ that creates a gradation that flows from milky to transparent

Cielora™ is a PVB interlayer film that runs from fully opaque glass (privacy glass) white to fully transparent glass. The transition spans over 80 cm, which is unique in the market. The gradual gradient allows for a smooth gradient effect that appears seamless to the eye, allowing it to be applied to high-quality designs with endless creativity.

Applying a PVB interlayer for laminated glass to change the glass’s optical, safety, or UV protective function always offers excellent qualities. Compared to stick-on films, such as window film, a PVB interlayer decorative film is sealed to avoid wear and tear, even after many years. The design of laminated glass products remains entirely smooth, keeping it low in maintenance, regardless of whether it is used inside or outside.

Gradient laminated glass applications

Gradient laminated glass with Cielora™, widely used in architecture for new builds, renovations, and decor

The laminated glass with a white gradient has many architectural applications in newly constructed buildings, renovations, glass constructions, sculptures, etc. Anywhere where glass panels are part of the exterior or interior design. Examples of applications include:

  • Glass balcony
  • Façade glass
  • Glass partition walls or partitions in public buildings
  • Rooftop balustrade or railing
  • Cubicle for private conversations in shared office buildings
  • Privacy glass windows for meeting rooms and classrooms
  • Glass ceiling in atriums or sun lounges
  • Desk divider
  • Bathroom shower doors or partitions for shower enclosures
  • Glass doors

The benefits of versatility

Protecting privacy using opaque or transparent gradation glass by Cielora™

Modern buildings are designed to be energy-efficient, offering a space to work, live, or recreate. In densely populated areas, the additional requirement of privacy comes into play. Using partly opaque and partly transparent gradient glass is a versatile way to keep a building light and open while providing privacy in certain areas.

Cielora™ provides this sense of spaciousness while enhancing the uniform appearance of various spaces in a building. The wide gradient design and overall size of the Cielora™ allows for limitless creativity. We can offer customization by shortening the transparent or opaque side of the film.

Sample request

Cielora™ glass sample that can evaluate the process in the glass and the glass process

Samples are available on request. We can provide samples of laminated glass or film depending on your background, e.g. to check the appearance of laminated glass with Cielora™, or to evaluate processes in the lamination process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below, and one of our representatives will contact you to discuss your request and sample availability.

Our services

SEKISUI S-LEC can develop tailored solutions from the design stage per project needs.

SEKISUI S-LEC has a team of technical, sales and marketing experts available in our multiple PVB interlayer production sites around the globe to support you with the design phase of your product and offer you our assistance in developing a tailor-made solution that suits your project requirements.

If you would like to know more about Cielora™, please feel free to contact us. Let us know how we can meet the demands of future buildings.