Plant for Interlayer Film Raw Material Resin in Europe Commences Procurement of Electricity Derived 100% from Renewable Energy Sources

Apr. 14, 2022

SEKISUI CHEMICAL CO., LTD. (President: Keita Kato; hereinafter “SEKISUI CHEMICAL”) announced that the raw material resin plant in the Netherlands of its wholly owned subsidiary SEKISUI S-LEC B.V., which manufactures and sells interlayer film for laminated glass, has shifted to renewable energy sources for 100% of electricity purchased by the plant in 2022.

Exterior view of raw material plant in the Netherlands

Background and Chronology

The SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has adopted “Innovation for the Earth” as its vision statement in the Group’s long-term vision, “Vision 2030,” declaring that “In order to realize sustainable society, we support the basis of LIFE and will continue to create ‘peace of mind for the future.’” The Group is focusing on ESG management, with the aim of accomplishing both realization of a sustainable society and the profitable growth of the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group.
Climate change, which is seen as a key issue in ESG management, is both a major social issue, and at the same time, it is recognized as a major risk for the Group. In recent years, the Group is accelerating initiatives to address climate change.
As of December 31, 2021, there are 18 facilities in Japan and overseas which have shifted to electricity that is 100% derived from renewable energy sources. The Group aims to shift to renewable energy sources for 100% of the electricity purchased by all Group production sites from external sources by 2030.

Regarding Initiative to Switch to Renewable Energy in Interlayer Film Business

Interlayer films for laminated glass are used in automotive and construction glazing and serve to prevent glass from penetrating or scattering in the event of an accident, as well as shielding against ultraviolet rays. In addition to these basic functions, SEKISUI CHEMICAL’s interlayer film provides sound insulation, thermal insulation, and HUD compatibility. The company focuses on the development and sales of high-performance interlayer film added with such functions, and the interlayer film business is a core business of its Mobility field.
In the environmental aspect, interlayer films for sound and thermal insulation contribute toward improving fuel and electricity consumption. Interlayer film for sound insulation helps to make vehicles lighter by reducing the thickness of glass, while interlayer film for thermal insulation improves air conditioning efficiency by suppressing temperature rise within vehicles.
Besides reducing environmental impact through such products, decarbonization initiatives have also been actively implemented at production sites of the interlayer film business, including the installation of solar power generators at five out of the seven plants worldwide to cover part of these plants’ energy consumption.

Overview of Shift to Renewable Energy Sources for 100% of Purchased Electricity

The interlayer film business has started to implement decarbonization initiatives for glass manufacturers—its main customers—and Europe, where there is strong social demand for decarbonization. The business aims to achieve green energy procurement globally.
The film production plant of SEKISUI S-LEC B.V. took the lead in this initiative, achieving the shift to renewable energy sources for 100% of purchased electricity in April 2020. With the shift to renewable energy sources for purchased electricity this time at the raw material plant in the Netherlands, SEKISUI S-LEC B.V. has achieved the shift to renewable energy sources for 100% of purchased electricity at all its plants.

By contributing to the resolution of climate change issues, the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group will convert major risks into opportunities, aim to realize a sustainable society, and grow as a sustainable company. To build a decarbonized society, the Group intends to shift to renewable energy sources for 100% of purchased electricity by fiscal 2030, and aims to achieve zero greenhouse gas emission by fiscal 2050 for all energy used in business activities, including that produced by cogeneration systems.

Overview of SEKISUI S-LEC B.V.

Location Metaalweg 5, Roermond 6045, The Netherlands
Establishment February 1996
Paid-up Capital 11,345,000 EUR
Representative President Naoya Nishimoto
Lines of business Manufacture and sales of interlayer film