A head-up display that projects important information on the windshield for drivers
Head-Up Display
Market Investigation

What is Head-Up Display (HUD)?

Head-up display (HUD) that effectively reflects information from the driver's eyes

Drivers want to keep their eyes on the road as much as possible for their safety and the safety of fellow road users. Any distraction can be one too many. Even the moment their eyes are focused on the dashboard to check your speed or view your navigation, even if it’s just a fraction of a second, their eyes are not busy with the traffic on the road.​

Head-Up Display (HUD) is a display that projects essential information for the driver on the windshield. The display is only visible from the driver’s seat and with information displayed at the bottom of your widescreen. Information often displayed is, for example, the speed, directions with upcoming turns and road numbers, blind spot warnings, and traffic signs.​

Our vision for HUD expansion​

A woman looking at HUD image projected through S-LEC™ Wedge-shaped Interlayer

SEKISUI S-LEC  is a global supplier of Wedge-shaped PVB Interlayer film for Head-Up display (HUD). This technology avoids the appearance of double imaging on the HUD projection on the glass.​

SEKISUI S-LEC has contributed to spreading safe and comfortable driving environments through our PVB interlayer for laminated glass. Our vision is to spread HUDs throughout the market, as they also contribute to the realization of safe and comfortable environments.​

SEKISUI S-LEC believes that installing HUD in test-drive vehicles and actively creating opportunities for people to experience their features will become effective measures for making HUD more popular in the future to expand the entire Head-Up display market to contribute to a safer and more comfortable driving experience. ​

Current awareness of HUD

Survey implementation by SEKISUI S-LEC

With support from specialist agencies, SEKISUI S-LEC has conducted global interviews to understand consumers’ awareness and purchasing behaviour when choosing a Head-Up Display. Interviewees were car owners in the high and middle segments in the U.S., Germany, France, The Netherlands and China.​

Awareness of the HUD function and benefits is well-known, and the overall opinion about HUD is positive across drivers globally. Even non-users of HUD see the benefit of enhancing comfort and safety while driving.​

Purchase Decision of HUD

Purchasing a car option needs experience in test driving at a dealer

Approximately half of the global respondents in the U.S. and European countries felt it necessary to experience HUD features in a test drive vehicle at a dealer before making the purchase decision, regardless of whether they had bought a HUD-equipped car.  In China, an obvious difference in behavior before purchasing a HUD was observed, with 70% of people who had test-driving a HUD-equipped vehicle purchasing that vehicle.​

In addition, more than 70% of the owners who had purchased a vehicle equipped with a HUD replied that they would choose a HUD-equipped vehicle when purchasing their next vehicle. There is an apparent tendency that people who become accustomed to HUD features will create user loyalty to the feature as rivers adopt new driving habits, such as looking for the navigation and speed in their field of vision instead of on display behind the steering wheel.​

Current HUD promotion in showroom

Driving test by sunroof opening and closing conducted by a model equipped with a sunshade

According to our research, there is a relationship between the HUD adoption ratio in car brands and HUD-equipped vehicles at dealers. ​

By studying dealerships in The Netherlands, we found that HUD promotion in showrooms is powerful at only one car brand, with about 78% of vehicles equipped with HUD.  Other car brands showcase only about 21~25% of models equipped with HUD in their showrooms. ​

The car brand with powerful HUD promotions has a high HUD adoption ratio in terms of sales performance in the market and vice versa.​

Collaboration for your HUD sales​

A woman who enjoys a test ride at a dealer

Based on our findings, installing HUD in test-drive vehicles and actively creating opportunities for people to experience their features will become effective measures for making HUD more popular in the future and expanding the market.​

SEKISUI S-LEC is committed to supporting OEM and dealerships to improve the consumer’s experience with Head-Up Displays and improve overall sales of Head-Up Display systems by providing information, a demonstration for consumers or sponsoring the HUD for features for showroom or test cars. ​

Please contact us by filling in the contact form below to receive further information and discuss how we can support you in communicating the benefits of HUD for car sales and brand recognition.​

Our Services for your development and sales/marketing activity

Glass development support from project design and proposes optimal solutions

We also offer you our flexible services and customization possibilities. Include our professional team in the design phase of your project. This way, we can assist you in developing a tailor-made solution that suits your requirements. With our multiple production sites around the globe, there is always an opportunity to introduce you to one of our experts nearby. ​

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