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The Head-up Display (HUD) eliminates the driver’s need to shift his/her line of vision by showing the necessary information on the windshield, and significantly enhances driving safety. SEKISUI’s high performance interlayer film series for HUD features a lineup of products with sound insulation and solar control functions added to the HUD display glass. The film is a leading technology of the era and the newest solution supporting a safe and comfortable automobile experience.

[Visibility] Clearly displays information necessary for driver

Standard windshields cause projector images to appear as double images due to the inflection of light. HUD windshields control for the inflection of light by adopting a wedge-shaped cross-section and enable images to be projected clearly. The film for HUD thus enhances visibility and contributes to a more comfortable and safer driving experience.

A world’s first created by combining three types of technology

The S-LEC™ Film-W combines wedge angle control technology, multi-layer extrusion technology, and nano-dispersal technology to create an HUD-compatible wedge-shaped interlayer film. Using SEKISUI’s unique method of production, we have succeeded in creating the world’s first interlayer film that not only controls the appearance of double images on the HUD, but also provides sound insulation and solar-heat reducing functions.

S-LEC™ Clear Film - W:
 Wedge-shaped standard interlayer film for HUD
S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film - W:
 Wedge-shaped sound insulation interlayer film for HUD
S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film - W:
 Wedge-shaped sound and heat insulation interlayer film for HUD

For more information about sound acoustic and solar control properties, please see the pages below.