S-LEC Film Division Digital Movie・Catalog

For automotive use - basic overview
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Color variations
Product Variation
Clear, Shaded, Color, Sound Acoustic Film, Solar Control Film


Band color Blue Light green Bronze Gray Blue Light green
Base color Clear Clear Clear Clear Light blue Light blue
Dominant wave length(nm) 485 500 590 490 485 500
Visible light transmittance rate(%) 7 32 34 35 7 32
*"Color" are image, because they are difference to actual S-LEC? Clear film.
*Dominant wave length and Visible light transmittance rate are measured with illuminant A.

>Size and Thickness
[Thickness] 0.76mm (30mil) , 0.38mm (15mil)
[Width] Please contact us for details.
[Roll length] 250m , 510m
*The limitation of a total length of a roll depends on the film's width and product type.

*We can offer your desirable sizes including standard sizes in above. For more information, please contact us.