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Automotive Glass Design
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Overview on Automotive Glass Colours and Gradients by S-LEC™ PVB interlayer film.
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Automotive Glass Design

Design and development is a conversation with the consumer, an intuitive message that makes an emotional, visual connection. S-LEC™ Colour Film enables colour to be incorporated into windows, strategically enhancing the consumer view.

Explore our world of Automotive Glass Colours

Explore the world of designed glass for automobiles and its performance. A variety of colours like neutral gray, pure blue and privacy can be implemented and realized.

The Elegance of Gradient Colours

S-LEC™ Wide Gradient Films are unique in their ability to offer a wide gradient colour that transitions from 2% to >70% Visible Transmittance (Tvis) to enhance the exterior design and driver experience. It provides a stylish design to the entire vehicle.