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Standard interlayer Film
Standard interlayer Film

SEKISUI S-LECTM Clear Film is the leading brand for laminated glass interlayer films.
S-LECTM Film products are available for both architectural and automotive use, both of which incorporate the basic properties of safety, security and UV filtering.
Abundant color variations are also available.


Laminated glass using S-LECTM Clear Film absorbs impact, prevents penetration, and stops shattering. Laminated glass with
4.S-LECTM Clear Film Neither shattered nor penetrated.


Strong, yet flexible, S-LECTM Clear Film interlayer film resists penetration even with a hammer or glass cutter. It is prefect for showcases and show windows for jewelry shops and other various stores. This glass is hardly broken even with a glass cutter, and prevents robbery.

[UV Filtering]

S-LECTM Clear Film filters out more than 99% of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, protecting people and products from harm

If you changed show windows to S-LECTM laminated glass, your goods will continue to keep its value.

S-LECTM Clear Film guard arts and handicrafts from discoloration, too.

Color Variations

Keeping the safety, security, sound control and UV filtering properties of laminated glass, we offer 9 colors of interlayer films.

Transparent Color #6001 #6002 #6080 #7018 #7082 #8003 #9002


Note: "Color" are image, because they are difference to actual laminated glass.

Size and Thickness

[Thickness]0.76mm (30mil) , 0.38mm (15mil)
[Width]Please contact us for details.
[Roll length]115m , 250m , 510m
*The limitation of a total length of a roll depends on the film's width and product type.
*We can offer your desirable sizes including standard sizes in above. For more information, please contact us.
*Color films are made-to-order,and bulk orders may be required.