Leaves the heat behind
S-LEC™ Solar Control Film technology is three-fold, blocks infrared rays responsible for heat sensation, allows visible light rays for optical clarity. Experience a comfortable, efficient, connected, and safe environment.

Solar grades

S-LEC™ Solar Control Film has three types of solar grades and custom options to suit a range of needs and requirements.

EM Transmittance

S-LEC™ films allow most radio frequency bands to pass freely, unlike traditional heat reflective glass with a metallic coating. S-LEC™ films enable drivers and passengers to remain connected while on the go. These technologies also allow the convenient use of electronic toll devices without any interference.


  • Solar Innovation
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Energy Saving
Solar Innovation
S-LEC™ Solar Control Film has three types of solar grades and custom options. These can be combined with any glass type to realize the best solar performance fully.
Thermal Comfort
S-LEC™ Solar Control Film prevents the increase of a car’s interior temperature and keeps you comfortable regardless of the heat outside. SEKISUI S-LEC research showed that 94% of people prefer the thermal comfort of the SEKISUI S-LEC solution compared to normal glazing.
Energy Saving with EV
S-LEC™ Solar Control Film can reduce the amount of energy consumed by air conditioning in electric vehicles. Through vehicle testing, SEKISUI S-LEC has confirmed up to 20% saved.

Combinations with Solar

We offer the following combinations of multiple functions into one film:

  • Colour
  • Gradient
  • Head-up Display
  • Sound
S-LEC™ films are currently available in a wide range of standard colours and custom colour options.
S-LEC films are unique in their ability to offer a wide format gradient colour that transitions from 2% to >70% Visible Transmittance (Tvis) enhancing the exterior design and driver experience.
14Head-up Display
S-LEC™ Wedge-shaped Film enables highly focussed, visibly clear HUD images for a seamless driving experience.
S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film reduces the transmission of exterior noises for the highest level of luxury and comfort on the market.