What is PVB Interlayer?

About PVB laminated glass

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that provides enhanced shatterproof performance. The interlayer film consisting of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) as the main raw material is laminated between two sheets of glasses at high temperature and pressured by an autoclave to mainly prevent the glass from shattering.
Laminated glass is applied on multiple applications such as automotive windshields, windows, roofs and architectural glass.

What is S-LEC™ PVB interlayer?

Our PVB interlayer for laminated glass, S-LEC™ film, is widely adopted all over the world and can bring benefits such as:
・High transparency – For clarity of the glazing.
・Safety - Shatterproof, absorbs impact and prevents accidents.
・Security - Resist impact from a hammer or glass cutters.
・UV Blocking - blocks out 99% of ultraviolet rays.
・Design –Gradient or Colour with different film thicknesses.
・Solar Control – Heat reduction in cars or buildings.
・Sound Acoustic - Quietness by blocking noise from the outside.
・Head-up display – Adaptability with HUD for clear image.


SEKISUI S-LEC offers a wide variety of solutions for automotive and architectural market.

  • Design
  • Solar
  • Head-up display
  • Sound
S-LEC™ PVB Interlayer Films are available in a wide range of colors and wide gradient designs with customized options offering more creative freedom in automotive window glass.
Leave discomfort at the curb. S-LEC™ Solar Control Film with fine particle dispersion technologies enables comfortable and efficient vehicle designs for passengers.
14Head-up Display
S-LEC™ Wedge-shaped Film enables highly focussed, visibly clear HUD images for a seamless driving experience.
S-LEC™ Sound Acoustic Film reduces the transmission of exterior noises for the highest level of luxury and comfort on the market.


We are driving the industry as global leader in PVB interlayer for laminated glass.

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To integrate latest innovation in S-LEC™ PVB interlayer film for laminated glass we are challenging every day with our partners worldwide.
We offer various PVB interlayer performances like solar control, design, adaptability of Head-up Display(HUD), acoustic, safety, security, and UV blocking.
About us
We are a world-leading PVB interlayer film manufacturer for laminated glass with over 60 years of experience in the automotive and architectural industries.