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Because of our quality and unique technologies, Sekisui S-LEC™ Film is applied to many uses globally including buildings and automobiles. The trust from our customers is based on three core technologies that we are proud of.

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Multi-Layer Extrusion Technology
This co-extrusion technology simultaneously extrudes several layers from a metallic mold to produce a multi-layer PVB film. This technology has enabled Sekisui to produce interlayer films with many new functions including sound control.

For example, the technology that gives a color to a top shade of a vehicle's windshield is based on a partially three-layered structure in which a tinted resin layer is bonded between two transparent resin layers. By adjusting the thickness of the center part of the tinted layer, the color of the tinted part gradually becomes lighter toward its end.
Furthermore, our Sound Acoustic Interlayer Film, which has begun to be widely used for architectural and automotive uses, has a sound control resin layer between two normal resin layers. This sound control layer gives the interlayer film high sound control property while the film itself maintains handling easiness and quality similar to normal interlayer films.
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Fine-Particle Distribution Technology
Fine particles and other materials with various functions are mixed into resins used in interlayer films.
This technology is vital for interlayer films to improve functions and to ensure uniform qualities.

In Solar Control Interlayer Film which marketing was started in 2002, fine particles that shield Infra Red rays are distributed. To maintain the desirable functions of interlayer films such as transparency, this fine-particle distribution technology is effectively applied.
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Adhesive Strength Adjustment Technology
To ensure the safety of laminated products, Sekisui has developed the capability to adjust the amount of adhesion between glass and the PVB. By controlling this reaction, our customers can consistently deliver good products to the marketplace.

A major function that gives S-LEC™ film a quality advantage is high moisture resistance. If moisture resistance is low, adhesive strength becomes deteriorated in high humidity, and finally the interlayer film may come off from the glass pane that does not function as laminated glass anymore. For a long time, SEKISUI has been acknowledged as interlayer film supplier for Japanese automobile industry that requires rigorous quality. And we have patented this adhesive strength adjustment technology to ensure stable adhesive strength of interlayer films.
Suitable adhesive strength prevents glass panes from being shattered while it strengthens the penetration resistance of laminated glass.