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Larger glass surfaces that create a feeling of openness are proportional to the intrusion of heat and air conditioner operation. It is therefore necessary to shut out solar heat to gain a balance between comfort and environmental protection. With a higher proportion of building surfaces covered in glass, the use of laminated glass for safety and security is increasing, resulting in a heightened demand for solar control properties in recent years.

S-LEC™ Solar Control Film interlayer film filters out heat rays (mid-infrared rays) in sunlight and is an essential material for use in architecture of the future.

Fine particles with infrared ray filtering function distributed in interlayer film

Solar control fine particles are distributed in standard layers using SEKISUI’s own fine particle dispersion technology, which allows fine particles and materials with a variety of functions to be distributed evenly in an interlayer film resin. This has made possible a significant reduction of not only ultraviolet rays but also infrared rays which result in a burning sensation of the skin.

[Solar Control Performance] Filter out mid-infrared rays to eliminate the heat source

While traditional interlayer film filters out more than 99% of ultraviolet rays, most of the infrared rays had penetrared across the film. S-LEC™ Solar Control Film substantially cuts ultraviolet rays as well as mid-infrared rays of 1,300 to 2,100 nm in wavelength-the primary cause of the heat from the sun that results in a burning sensation on the skin.

[UV Filtering Performance] Substantially cut ultraviolet rays harmful to the skin and products

S-LEC™ Solar Control Film has further enhanced the UV filtering performance that is one of the basic properties of standard interlayer films. As evident in the graph, the film substantially cuts the harmful ultraviolet rays that enter a room. Solar Control Film protects customers' skin from suntans at bright cafés and prevents discoloration and changes in color of important products displayed in shop windows. It is also optimal for art and other museums and is effective for reducing the flying of insects into display items.